Research Fellowship Electrophysiology

The training of young electrophysiologists is a major concern of the Swiss Heart Rhythm Foundation. The Research Fellowship for aspiring electrophysiologists is aimed at cardiologists who are planning to undergo further training at a recognised centre for electrophysiology abroad. Applications will be judged by a panel of internationally renowned electrophysiologists. The winner will receive a personal contribution to cover the cost of living abroad.

Basic points of the 2023 fellowship


  • Currently training to be a cardiologist at a training facility in Switzerland or being a Swiss citizen at a training institution abroad.
  • Not older than 35 years of age.
  • Planning to stay at a centre for electrophysiology abroad for at least one year.
  • Letter of recommendation from the head of the current training facility.
  • Research project during the stay abroad.
  • Letter of recommendation from the research group leader of the centre abroad.

Course of events:

  • Submission of application documents (deadline January 29th 2023).
  • Substantive examination.
  • Evaluation of the applications by an international group of experts.
  • Review of the research project and its feasibility at the planned centre for electrophysiology.
  • The candidate presents his or her project in person (3 x 5): 5 minutes of presentation, 5 slides, and 5 minutes of questions.
  • Selection of the winner of the research fellowship.
  • Payment of the total amount into a Swiss bank account at the start of the stay abroad.
  • After a year, a report on how the stay abroad progressed.


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